Saturday, April 28, 2012

Storytime Theme - Ellen Stoll Walsh

Storytime went really well this week.  Mice make such an easy theme.  My flannel board/game this week was one I call "Little Mouse, Little Mouse." We have about 9 different houses each of a single color and a little gray mouse that hides behind one of them.  It's my favorite kind of flannel board. We work on color recognition and the kids get to play a game where we try to figure which house the mouse is hiding behind.  Snaily Snail also worked on his color recognition, but he wasn't quite as good at is as the kiddos were - which they thought was hilarious.  Mission accomplished!

I read more books than normal, but it worked out okay with the group I had.  We read: Mouse Count, For Pete's Sake, Pip's Magic, and finished with Mouse Shapes which tied into our craft, which was to make mice out of basic shapes, just like in the book.  The kids seemed to get into the craft and some of the older ones even made their mice scary  - which is mentioned briefly in the book.  Colorful construction paper mice with giant teeth drawn in marker are pretty funny. And it was neat that they were paying that much attention to the story!

I'm pretty excited about our illustrators for the rest of spring: Jane Cabrera, Charles Fuge and Marcus Pfister.

On a non-storytime note, my social media committee and I have a Boopsie webinar coming up next week. Pretty excited to start considering mobile technology for our library system.  Does anyone have any experience with Boopsie or other similar technologies to share??

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