Thursday, April 15, 2010

domain confusion

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm taking two classes this quarter for the first time since I started my program: LIS 660 Instructional Training Strategies for Information Professionals and LIS 530 Organization of Information and Resources. We're only 2.5 weeks into the quarter and so far it's okay, but I have serious doubts that this level of okay will last. I fear insanity will ensue in 3.5 weeks.

Despite warnings of metadata horrors I'm actually really enjoying my 530 class. As evidence, I'm actually doing the readings. Let me say that again, I am doing the readings. I almost never really read readings (hehe) for my courses - my gratitude to BSU for my B.A. in BS (aka English Lit). The topic matter is confusing, intellectually challenging (for once) and super interesting. I'm getting all excited about the possibilities FBRB and wondering what change is going to be effected because of RDA. Does this mean that deep in my customer service-oriented, video game-playing, people-loving, teen librarian heart lives a cataloger?!?