Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

Have you heard the buzz? Well, until yesterday I hadn't either. Yesterday afternoon Google released its new web browser Chrome. I was a bit hesitant to download it, but after reading about it and hearing positive reviews from Dylan and my dad I decided to give it a try today - and I'm liking it! The pluses: it's clean looking, fast, open source (kind of) and so far it's been playing nice with the computers and the websites I've been using. The negatives: it isn't (yet) customizable in the way FireFox is which takes away some functionality for me. It is still in baby beta though, so I'm sure more good things are on the way. For now, I'm running Chrome and FireFox side by side - long term, I don't know.

I found the following two website the most helpful in learning about it:

* Google's Learn About Chrome page
* PC Magazine article "Hands on with Google's Chrome Browser

Have you tried it? Will you? What do you think?