Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why to be a Librarian

One of our local school's 8th grade came to the library this morning to do research on careers. While looking up info for a student on becoming a public librarian in our Internet Careers Database (love it btw) I came across this list of "pluses":

  • Constantly learning
  • Access to the latest technology
  • Freedom
  • You're paid to read
  • Bright, attractive places to work
  • Satisfaction of helping people
  • Important public service
Hard to pick which is my fav - probably #4, though they're almost all fantastic LIES! lol. I just have to ask...where do they get their info from?? Don't get me wrong, I love libraries and working in them, but really people? Really?


Dylan said...

Do you want my guess about where they got their info from? Probably disgruntled librarians who were promised all these things and more, only to find out what working in libraries is really like. Hence, they'd want to make others suffer like they did. ;)

"Bright, attractive places to work" is my favorite. Man, that would be a nice perk to have!

Andrea said...

"satisfaction of helping people" is definitely a plus. i mean, they may ask you a question like you're a freak human worldcat/wikipedia hybrid, freak out because your response time is slower than google's million results in 0.769234 seconds, unload every single traumatic childhood incident onto your susceptible ears, and then "forget" to thank you as they walk away...

wait, so were there "negatives"?