Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rev Your Engines

Less than a week and I'll be starting my program at UW. D, M, and I will be flying up on Monday and staying through Friday. The week will apparently be full of orientations, classes, and homework. I have great hopes though that we'll be able to squeeze in some awesome food and fun shopping - even if it's only the window kind. I also really want to see the Seattle Public Library - from what I've heard and the pics I've seen it's like a librarian's fantasyland.

I'm not sure, but I imagine that I'll be writing here a bit more often as a means of processing what I'm learning.

Oh and a quick note, cause I'm so darn pleased - I now have the word librarian in my title!!! That's right I was promoted to Associate Librarian. HooraY!

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Memo said...

Congratulations, Anna! Make sure you hit "The Ave", Queen Anne (har!) Hill, and Gas Works Park, to name a few. Oh man, and the food! You're gonna have fun for sure!