Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More fun at the Evolving Library Services for Digital Natives conference

The "Panel of Experts" at the conference was great today. Alane Wilson facilitated and Aaron Schmidt, Sarah Houghton, and Stephen Abram were "The Panel". It was entertaining and validating and worth thinking about. Again, the best part, was that vital info and ideas made it into the hands and brains of the PTB - the people who actually make the changes. I find it very encouraging that the Idaho Commision For Libaries is taking the future of libraries so seriously. It's an interesting contrast with the many librarians I meet who seem to have had their heads in the sand for the last 10-15 years. I mean really, things like IM, blogs, wikis, gaming, etc, should not be striking revelations to librarians. Aren't we supposed to be a profession that values information and wants to get it in the hands of the public? Doesn't that include new information, technologies and ways to serve? Teachers have to keep learning, why don't librarians? Seriously - this stuff should be required.

There was also a panel of 9 Millenials - which meant teens from 12-17. I was a little bothered that non of the older ones (like people my age) were in attendence, but it was still really good. Again, not too many revelations, but still some things to chew on. The thing I found most interesting personally was that most of them think the world will be worse than it is now in 10 years. Like the song says: sad, but true.

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Muse said...

Preach on, my friend and fellow conference attendee!

It's wonderful to see you blogging about libraries. And how fitting that you should kick it off right after the "Evolving Library Services" conference, where every other word seemed to be "blog". Way to get yourself out there and contributing to the biblioblogosphere in a "professional" manner. ;)

I wish you best of luck and eagerly will anticipate future postings. Keep blogging! (Before the world gets worse!)